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SA 8000:2014 (Rs.5000/-)

SA 8000: 2014 certification

Certification is a process by which individual companies (factories, farms and other workplaces) and organizations undergo evaluation by a third-party auditor. If the company meets the requirements of the standard or code, it can obtain a certificate of compliance. Third-party certification involves an independent assessment that the specified requirements for a product, person, process, or management system have been met. Social Accountability International provides tools, information and resources related to the SA 8000: 2014 standard on its website. All organizations interested in implementing the SA 8000:2014 standard should consult their website and download the available information.

To certify compliance with SA 8000: 2014, every establishment wishing to be certified must be audited. In this way, auditors will visit companies, evaluate the company's practices on a wide range of issues, and evaluate the state of the company's management systems, which are necessary to ensure the sustainability of acceptable practices. Once an organization implements the necessary reforms, it can obtain a certificate of compliance with SA 8000:2014. The list of currently certified organizations is available on the GG Certification website.

SA 8000:2014 Certification Process

» SA 8000: 2014 Certification The organization must apply to an audit firm approved by the GG certification (also known as a certification body). Standards and code compliance assessment GG certification accreditation are only available through the accrediting certification bodies of Euro UK Accreditation Services.

» Once an organization has implemented the necessary reforms to meet the requirements of the standard, it can obtain the SA: 8000:2004 certificates to achieve compliance. The certification lasts for three years and includes a series of required surveillance audits over a period of three years. Monitoring audits include continuous periodic reviews of the certified organization's social management system to ensure continuous improvement in compliance with the standard. The SA 8000:2014 audit process is conducted in accordance with the requirements of GG certification procedures.

» The SA 8000: 2014 standard has significant benefits from adoption and can include improved staff morale, more reliable business partnerships, increased competition, decreased staff turnover and improved communication between managers and workers.

» The average duration of the certification process varies depending on the status of the facility's readiness to meet the requirements of SA 8000: 2014. The audit process is a two-stage audit process - the first stage typically involves defining and planning the certification audit Creating is involved and allows CB to better understand the organization. The second phase of the audit includes an objective assessment of compliance practices against the requirements of SA 8000:2014.

» If corrective action is issued as a result of the audit, it will take longer to implement additional procedures to correct the procedures. These corrective actions should be verified as effective. Major corrective actions must be approved and evidence given before certification can be improved. As a result, the time between certification and certification can vary from months to years. Many SA 8000: 2014 certified facilities also hold various ISO certifications. This means that these features are already placed in a management system, which is also required for the implementation of the SA 8000: 2014 standard.

» This SA 8000: 2014 certification provides a report of good practices to consumers, buyers and other businesses and is an important step in improving working conditions. Once certified, organizations can display their certificates. However, individual products cannot be labeled because certification represents a workplace process, not product certification.

How to become certified to SA 8000:2014 standards

GG Certification is a recognized body and does not develop standards or provide certification services. The GG certification performs the evaluation and evaluation of accredited certification bodies, which carry out the SA 8000:2004 audits. Stakeholders, including brands and retailers, only accept and recognize SA 8000 certifications issued. Recognized certification. In addition, GG Certification will only recognize SA 8000:2004 certifications on its website.

To become certified, GG Certification recommends that organizations contact several certification bodies accredited by the Euro UK Accreditation Licensing Service to offer the certification service. Auditors of these certification bodies visit facilities and evaluate the company's practices on a range of issues. They also assess the state of a company's management systems to ensure sustainability of acceptable practices. GG Certification also publishes a list of certified establishments and certifications can be verified by the audit company issuing the certificate.