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ISO 22716:2007 (Rs.5000/-)

ISO 22716 - Good manufacturing practice for cosmetics

ISO 22716: 2007 is the international standard for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for cosmetics. ISO 22716 provides guidelines for the documentation and regulation of the production, control, storage and shipping of cosmetic products. Standard guidelines will provide practical ways for your organization to manage many factors that may affect product quality.

Regulation (EC) 1223/2000 of the European Union does not require that cosmetic products be manufactured in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). GMPs form the practical development of quality assurance by describing activities based on sound scientific judgment and risk assessment. GMP guidelines are written to define activities that allow you to get a product that meets the defined characteristics. GMPs are essential for organizations minimizing the risk and liability of their products. Your organization can demonstrate compliance with GMP by implementing ISO 22716.

Benefits of ISO 22716 certification for your organization:

» Quality management system improvement
» Demonstrates commitment to the safety of cosmetic products
» Ensures compliance with international guidelines
» GG Certification provides in-depth knowledge of manufacturing processes and GMP codes to cosmetic manufacturers.
» GG Certification's cosmetic testing services include clinical studies, safety assessments, quality control, in vitro testing, product claim verification, restricted substance testing, and supplier testing. With our global network of auditors, we provide a comprehensive compliance solution for ISO 22716, including auditing and certification *, training and e-learning tools.
» Threat and Risk Control - Controls the hazards and risks associated with cosmetic products, ensuring continuous improvement in the supply chain.
» Supply Chain Management - An internationally recognized standard, it enables organizations to manage the respect for quality and safety in the cosmetics supply chain.
» Legal Compliance - Written by professionals in the cosmetics industry, it guarantees you to comply with international laws by consulting regulators around the world.
» Easy implementation - Organizations of all sizes and complexities can implement ISO 22716 and integrate seamlessly with ISO 9001.

By partnering with GG Certification, you will have an experienced business partner who will focus on helping you achieve your goals, mitigate risk and optimize your supply chain. We can combine ISO 22716 audits with other standards such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, reducing interruptions and saving you time and money.