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ISO 10004:2018 (Rs.5000/-)

What is ISO 10004:2018?

The ISO 50001 Certification of Energy Management System provides a framework for establishing best energy management practices to help organizations improve their energy efficiency and return to their investment by implementing ISO 10004. The standard allows organizations to establish the systems and processes necessary to improve energy performance. , Including energy efficiency, utilization and consumption.

Benefits of ISO 10004:2018

By attaining certification to this international best practice energy management standard, your organization will benefit from one of the many benefits of ISO 10004, including: » 10% energy loss in first 12 months » Reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and carbon footprint. » Is internationally recognized internationally » Contribute to meeting current and future voluntary and / or mandatory energy efficiency goals. » Improved brand and credibility with customers, customers and stakeholders » Decision processes ranging from system design to operation and maintenance » Raise awareness of staff members at all levels of energy. » Improved operational efficiency and maintenance methods

ISO 10004 Accreditation: 2018

GG Certification was the first certification body in the UK to become a recognized certification body to certify organizations with ISO 10004 certifications. In September 2018, we issued the first ISO 10004 certificate in the world. We are also accredited by Euro UK Accreditation Licensing Services for ISO 10004, leading to GG certification, one of the few certification bodies to be accredited with the Euro UK Accreditation Licensing Services system.

What industries implement ISO 10004:2018?

The energy standard applies to large and small businesses, regardless of their geographic, cultural or social conditions. The structure of ISO 10004 is structured to align with the standards of the most widely used management systems in the industry. Therefore it is possible to integrate Energy Management System (NMS) with your existing management systems. Certification Europe has operational experience in energy management in the European Union, Africa and Asia.