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ISO 25000:2014 (Rs.5000/-)

Know about ISO/IEC 25000:2014

The suite of standards ISO/IEC 25000:2014 also known as SQuaRE (System and Software Quality Requirements and Evaluation), has the goal of creating a framework for the evaluation of software product quality. ISO/IEC 25000 is the result of the evolution of several other standards; specifically from ISO/IEC 9126, which defines a quality model for software product evaluation, and ISO/IEC 14598, which defines the process for software product evaluation.

Benefits of ISO 50001: 2011

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The series of standards ISO/IEC 25000 consists of five divisions.

» ISO/IEC 25020 - Measurement reference model and guide: Presents introductory explanation and a reference model that is common to quality measure elements, measures of software product quality and quality in use. Also provides guidance to users for selecting or developing, and applying measures.
» ISO/IEC 25021 - Quality measure elements: Defines a set of recommended base and derived measures, which are intended to be used during the whole software development life cycle. The document describes a set of measures that can be used as an input for the software product quality or software quality in use measurement.
» ISO/IEC 25022 - Measurement of quality in use: Describes a set of measures and provides guidance for measuring quality in use.
» ISO/IEC 25023 - Measurement of system and software product quality: Describes a set of measures and provides guidance for measuring system and software product quality.
» ISO/IEC 25024 - Measurement of data quality: Defines quality measures for quantitatively measuring data quality in terms of characteristics defined in ISO/IEC 25012.


» The overall goal of building SQuaRE international standards was to move into an organized, rich, and logically integrated chain that covered two main processes:
specification of software quality requirements and assessment of systems and systems quality. The software is supported by a process of measuring the quality of the system and the software. The SQuaRE set of international standards is intended to help designers and developers of systems and software specify and evaluate quality requirements.
» It establishes criteria for the specification of software systems and products quality requirements, their measurement and evaluation. It includes a two-part quality model to align customer quality definition with the characteristics of the development process. In addition, the series provides recommended measures of the quality characteristics of systems and software that can be used by developers, acquaintances, and evaluators.

ISO 25000:2014(SQuaRE) Series of Standard

» ISO/IEC 2500n, Quality Management Division
» ISO/IEC 2501n, Quality Model Division
» ISO/IEC 2502n, Quality Measurement Division
» ISO/IEC 2503n, Quality Requirements Division
» ISO/IEC 2504n, Quality Evaluation Division