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ISO 22301:2012 (Rs.5000/-)

Know about ISO 22301:2012 Certification

This standard specifies the requirements for the continued improvement of a documented management system for planning, installation, implementation, operation, monitoring, overhaul, maintenance and security. Incident risks, to prepare, to intervene and to measure disruptive events when they occur. The requirements specified in this standard are general and intended to apply to all organizations, or parts of them, regardless of the type, size, and nature of the organization. The range of application of these requirements depends on the operating environment and complexity of the business.

Benefits of ISO 22301:2012

» Maximize Quality and Efficiency: ISO 22301 provides a framework based on international best practices around the concept of "Planning, Verification, Act".
» Flexibility in case of disruption: During a local disruption or international disaster, your organization will have a business continuity process to ensure the continued smooth running of your business or to get you up and running quickly and efficiently in the event of a disaster will allow. Dissolution. To reduce the disruption of the services you provide.

» Competitive Advantage: Ensure customer confidence with ISO 22301 certification, while offering new opportunities and winning new business.
» Organizational Improvement: GG certification gives you a clear understanding of your entire organization. This can provide you new opportunities for improvement.
» Continuous Internal Improvement through Audits: During the certification process, you will participate in regular audits that ensure updates to your management system.
» Legal and Regulatory Compliance: Show your stakeholders that you meet regional legal and regulatory requirements.
» Cost savings: Your Company may be able to reduce the costs of internal and external audits of GG certification, improve financial performance, and reduce insurance premiums for business interruption.
» Maintain optimal customer delivery levels: A GG certification framework supports advanced management processes that enable you to deliver agreed levels of critical services and products to your customers within a specified time after an interruption.
» Strengthen your internal management: A GG certification provides a proven management capability in times of disruption.
» Reputation Management: ISO 22301 certification strengthens your commitment to provide a high level of service to your stakeholders even in adverse circumstances.
» Reputational Management: Certification to ISO 22301 reinforces your commitment to providing a premium level of services to you stakeholders, even during adverse conditions.

ISO 22301:2012 Accreditation

GG Certification is an accredited certification body which provides International Organization for Standardization (ISO) management system certification and inspection services to organizations globally. We are accredited to ISO 22301 with Euro UK Accreditation Licensing Services.

Which industries should apply ISO 22301:2012?

ISO 22301 is best for organizations that do not have the luxury of managing uninterrupted downtime. IT companies, for example, cannot afford an outage, as this may mean differentiating between customers who seem more reliable. As markets grow, implementation systems such as ISO 22301 can make the difference in maintaining and growing your customer base.
In recent years, we have seen other industries such as construction and public sector implement the standard. If your organization needs to ensure that customers, employees and stakeholders have a plan in place to manage disruptions that reduce downtime, ISO 22301 certification is the ideal option.